Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things We Love Thursdays: Pillsbury Cookie Dough

 "I believe in big, warm, moist, gooey chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth and all over your face."
-Shawn Spencer, Psych

Okay, I could probably write a whole post of reasons why I love Psych - the above quote only one of MANY - but this post is about cookies.  Big, warm cookies.  I LOVE chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, dipped in a mug of cold milk.  But I don't like to make my own.  When I get a hankering for them, I want them NOW. And I don't want dozens that will sit around the house tempting me to eat more --  just a few will suffice.  Which is why one of my favorite things is this giant tub of Pillsbury Cookie Dough from Sam's Club.  I've tried several brands, but this is by far my favorite.  I get soft, fluffy cookies -- not flat or crispy or greasy ones like some other brands I've tried.  When I'm in a mood for cookies, I scoop out a few spoonfuls onto a pan (and yes, usually a spoonful into my mouth!), bake 'em, and I am one happy girl.  :)

Do you have any food indulgences?

1 comment:

  1. I love love love Psych! Best show ever. We just found it and my husband and I have been watching all of the back episodes on Netflix. I love chocolate chip cookies too. To a fault. I could eat a whole batch by myself...



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