Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ruined Laundry

In February, the kids and I decorated Grandma and Grandpa's dinning table for a Valentine's Day Dinner. I used a new table cloth that Buff had bought since it was red. A few days later, I ran a load of laundry. I made sure to check the label on the table cloth since I had never washed it before. (we were living with them at the time thats why I was doing laundry there) I get very paranoid about washing new things cause I dont want to shrink or ruin it. I followed the washing instructions on the label and it still ruined the whole load of laundry :/ I was so mad, so I decided to send Better Homes and Garden an email to let them know they had ruined a very expensive load of my laundry. I had 3 pair of expensive jeans in there and a few other items. (for those of you that know me, know that I am very picky about my jeans!) Here are just a few of the pics that I took... 

I did receive a phone call and was able to talk to a women that was trying to help me out. After a few emails going back and forth, and a couple more phone calls I was able to negotiate a $300 reimbursement. I was happy with that figure and I am now waiting patiently for that check to arrive!

So, if you have something like this happen to you dont be afraid to contact them. They don't always know something is wrong with their product unless you tell them. It was kind of a pain to have this happen, but in the end I am happy with the outcome.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things We Love Thursdays: Goodreads

If you haven't heard of Goodreads, it's this place where readers can go to make virtual bookshelves of books to read, books read, and to be able to review books and see what books your friends are reading.  I LOVE it!  I have found so many amazing books to read through it.  I love seeing what my friends are reading and love adding those books to my to-be-read shelf (which currently has 243 books!).

I've never really liked browsing book stores or libraries because I get too overwhelmed with all those books.  And it's so hard to pick a book based on it's description.  Plus my library rarely has the "good" books on the shelves -- you have to put your name on a waiting list.  I would be missing out on so many books if I went just based off of what was on the shelves! 

Chelsea & I are both on Goodreads and are always looking for new friends.  You can find Chelsea's profile HERE and mine HERE.  Hope to see you over there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIWW: Casual & Comfy


I love this striped shirt I got from H&M.  It satisfies my stripe obsession and I love that I can wear it by itself or use it for layering.  Paired with some strappy sandals it's a super casual and comfy outfit.  

Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Styles For Less
Pants & Belt: Kohls
Sandals: Discount Shoe Factory

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Raspberry Angel Dream Dessert

My boss brought this into work for us to try....
                                    Oh my goodness this huge dessert is divine & only 90 calories....

It looked really good, but it tasted sooo much better than it looked, and each portion was 1/5 of the sugar free Angel Food cake. She said for 2 weeks they ate it every night for dessert on their diet, and they lost weight. They never got sick of it because it was so filling and yummy. Finally after 2 weeks she felt like she was finally willing to share some with us, and we were so glad she did. Everyone of us ate the whole thing...
It is such a quick and easy dessert to make. Here's her recipe and thanks a bunch Peggy..

1 9oz Sugar Free Angel Food cake (in the WalMart bakery) ask if you can't find it, it may be in their freezer.
1 Lg. tub Lite Coolwhip
4 cups Fresh or frozen Raspberries
1 Tbsp.Splenda

Combine thawed raspberries and splenda and mix thoroughly. Spoon some raspberry mix on top of 1/5 of  the Angel Food cake and top with Coolwhip and enjoy. Just looking at the photos gives me warm fuzzies..


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Best: Fashion & Crafts

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