Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baptism Gift Ideas

Leather Scripture Bag, CTR Bubble Ring, and Princess suckers complete the gift.

Our precious grandchildren are becoming little adults all of a sudden, and we wanted the perfect Baptism gift ideas. I started reading the little blue Book of Mormons and highlighting my favorite parts, especially about the Savior. Then when I was finished, I wrote my testimony in the front cover each time I completed one. Then a fun trip to "Deseret Book", helped me find the latest gifts to add for my grand daughter, who recently was baptized. There were so many fun choices, but knowing her personality made it easy to choose. When they grow older we hope they truly realize how special they are to us and how much we enjoy their company.
CTR Bubble Ring
Choose The Right

Do you have any fun gift ideas to share?...                                                                    -Buff-


  1. Those are really great baptism gifts.That scripture bag and ring are so cute! I think that is so awesome that you personally read and highlight your favorite parts in the scriptures to give to your grand kids. That's truly a precious gift!

    1. Baptism Gift Ideas is looking awesome and it is a truly precious gift.Thanks for the post.Christening Gift Ideas



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