Monday, March 19, 2012

Product Review- Cupcake Soaps

The kids recently got a ton of crafts that were put together in a basket for an auction. My sister in law gave us one of the baskets that she won. Cupcake soaps was one of the items in there. Sydney of course was really excited to bust it out and try it, so we did.

They had a blast choosing colors of soap to mold and deciding what kinds of designs that they would come up with.

Ok, the only color that stuck together and was easy to mold as the instructions said was the white. All the other colors just crumbled and were really hard to get to stick together. They felt really dry and adding a touch of water did not help at all. So, that meant that I basically had to do all the shaping for them. It was really frustrating, however the kids had a blast making these.

Here are the creations they came up with:

The kids had fun and it was fun to spend some time with the kids. I am just really glad that I did not buy this or I would have been mad, but it was free and again the kids had fun anyways. Maybe we just got a bad one, if it had not been a dry batch I would totally recommend it for one of those rainy day activities to do with the kids. It is a cute and fun concept and may be worth a try for a better batch than we got. You can get them here.

Has anyone else tried these?


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