Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I live in Utah, so it's still kinda cold here :( So, I am still wearing warm clothes on most days for now! This picture is from last week as well.

Sweater- I got it 2 years ago and I honestly can't remember where I got it from :(
White top- TJ Maxx
Jeans- Nordstrom Rack
Boots- Discount Shoe Factory


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  1. Love the whole look. I am with you here in Utah and it is a cold as ever!

  2. This is such a classy look! I am also in least it has been warmer than most winters, we have gotten pretty lucky! But yes, I can not wait until the warmer weather!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  3. Love that sweater. Such a classic piece! I still need to get me some boots like that...maybe next year. Its warming up here in Vegas already!



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