Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Minute meal for under $10

I love fast and easy meals! I always have these ingredients on hand so when I dont have time I can just throw this meal together really quick. It doesn't hurt that you can feed your family for less than $10. Many stores always have pasta or rice on sale for 10/$10, so you can get them cheap. The sausage usually costs around $3-$4. Then you can pair it with a veggie or some fruit. This meal is pretty healthy and low in calorie as well, so I love that.

I follow the instructions for the pasta or rice, then I chop up the sausage and put it  in a pot of water to simmer, while the pasta cooks. The meat is already cooked so, basically it is just warming it up. I then drain the water from the sausage and add the sausage to the pasta. Then it is ready to eat!


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