Friday, September 6, 2013

Easy Fall Tree

I had some branches in my backyard from a tree we took down forever ago and wanted to spray paint them black for some Halloween decor. But I was talking with Chelsea one day about it and we got to thinking that it might be better to paint the branches white so that we could use them for other holidays as well. 

The first thing I wanted to make was a Fall Thankful Tree. I've seen these around a couple places and think they are just so pretty. So I gathered up my branches and gave them a couple coats of white spray paint. I used the cheap white paint and it took an entire can to do two coats. I didn't cover the branches completely because I still wanted them to have a bit of a rustic feel. 

Once they were dry I found an old vase I had sitting around and I arranged the branches how I wanted them and tied a bow on it. Then I used a circle hole punch to cut out some circles from scrapbook paper and hung them on the tree. I'm planing to do a family night soon about gratitude and have the kids all write down things they are thankful for on the back of the circles.  

I really love how it turned out and think it goes nicely with my fall decor. I just love decorating for this time of year!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Personalized Scriptures

I made my daughter some personalized scriptures two years ago and decided it was time to make some for my boys. After seeing how hers held up, I decided to make a few changes. 

This time I used mod podge to put the paper on the scriptures so that the edges wouldn't come up. I spread mod podge over the entire surface of the scriptures and smoothed the scrapbook paper on top. 

I also made sure to make the paper long enough to go all the way around the front cover and inside a little. I noticed on my daughter's set that this is where a lot of wear came from. 

Since these were for my boys I didn't embellish them but kept them nice and simple. I really like the way they turned out and my boys just love them. We use them for family scripture time each night and it has made a world of difference having them each have their own set. My 3 year olds love thumbing through them and it gives their hands something to do while we are reading. 


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