Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

A few weeks ago, we made our edible glitter and here is what we did with it. We decided to make rainbow sugar cookies. You can get the sugar cookie recipe that I used from here. I doubled the batch cause we were taking these to a family reunion. 

I then separated the dough into 5 bowls. I left 1 bowl its normal color of yellow. I then added food coloring to my dough and mixed it by hand.

I took our edible glitter and poured them into bowls, so that I could roll the dough balls in the matching color.

I then put the balls on the cookie sheet and baked them.

This is how they turned out! 

I was a little worried that the food coloring made the dough too wet, but they cooked normally without any problems. We got tons of compliments on how cute they were. We were also asked for the recipe for the sugar cookies because they were soft and moist!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Great Finds Under $6

As many of you, I LOVE Target's $1 section. I found this cute porcelain bird and little owl in there! I just couldn't resist buying them especially since they were only $1. The owl is a dark grey color it is kinda hard to tell in the picture. I will definitely be using these in my Halloween decorations to come in October, but can be used year round as well! 

Now that my kids are back in school, my 1st grocery trip to Walmart with out them again turned up some surprising things. Since I didn't have my older two kids with me, I took my time and wondered up each isle. I found this cute frosted mason jar with the bird and twig for just $2.97! It would cost me more to make this so, I snatched it up. Down another isle I found this cute barn lantern and was shocked to see it was only $5.97. Again I couldn't resist. 

I love it when you find great finds when you are not expecting it!



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