Friday, August 9, 2013

Edible Glitter

I found this idea on pinterest and decided to give it a try. It didn't make it really glittery, but my kids had a blast making it and we will definitely do it again! 

 I measured out 1/4 c of just regular white granulated sugar and put it in each container. You can also use raw sugar and that might turn out more glittery. I will have to try it that way next time.

I added about 5-7 drops of food coloring and mixed it in really good. I used the liquid kind, Im not sure how the gel would work. If you use it let me know how it works.

I took a cookie pan and placed 4 "U" shaped tin foil sheets on it and poured the sugar onto it. This keeps them separated and then it makes it easy to pour into the container once it has been cooked. I cooked these in the oven on 230 degrees for about 8-10 minutes, if you use the raw sugar then bump the oven temp up to 350. Once you pull it out let it cool for a few minutes. The sugar will be stiff so i just folded the foil down and used my hand to break it back up.

I used baby jars to store the sugar in. It was really easy to make and a fun craft to do with the kids. I will post later what we end up doing with our new sugar glitter!


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