Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things We Love Thursdays- Nail Polish

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy

I found this nail polish through a friend and fell in love with it! I have a hard time using other brands now since I have used the Pure Ice. I have a ton of their colors and I think its fun that they each have fun names like "Gossip" or "Tease". The Jamaica Me Crazy is my favorite color and is the one you will see on my toes the most especially in the summer!

What nail polish and colors do you like?


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  1. I love OPI/Nichole! It's expensive, but well worth it. Some of the glitter ones (sorry, I don't have names) are awesome. It takes only 2 coats for a fully glittered nail. I really want the Simmer & Shimmer color. So pretty!

  2. I LOVE Ice because it is so affordable! I have so many of their colors that naming them is a joke.

    Also, there is a brand that has all their polishes named after television shows (not sure of the brand name, but the colors I love are Gray's Anatomy and Teal of Fortune to name a few). Also, they dry in a minute, so impatient me ADORES them.



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