Tuesday, February 28, 2012

St. Patricks Day Pancakes ... 3 Ways!

Here are a few fun (and easy!) ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day morning.


First up are rainbow pancakes. Just make some pancake batter (we use Krusteaz) and pour it evenly into 6 small bowls.  Add some food coloring to each and cook 'em up.  Don't they look so pretty on the griddle?!

 Then just stack 'em up, pour on some syrup (we used blueberry) and add some whipped cream "clouds."  My daughter LOVED these!  Although she did ask why I didn't make indigo.  :)


These were inspired by some Valentine's pancakes I found on Pinterest.  Just mix up some batter and make half green and leave half white.  After they are cooked, cut a shamrock out of the center of each pancake using cookie cutter.  Place a green shamrock in the center of each white pancake and a white shamrock in the center of each green pancake.


These are just plain pancake batter pancakes with a glaze dripped over the top of them and some green sprinkles. The kids always love these!

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  1. Definitely gonna have to try those rainbow pancakes my nephew would love them!



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