Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snowball Bunnies

I wanted to make a fun and cute treat for my grandkids and had seen this idea and decided to try it.

Things you will need:
1 Packet of Hostess Snowball Cakes- head
Jelly Beans- eyes
Salt Water Taffies- ears
Heart shaped candy-nose
Tooth picks- ears

I took the Salt Water Taffies and stretched and molded them into the shape of ears. Then I put toothpicks in the taffy to get it to stand up straight. I had to cut the jelly beans down to the size I wanted for the eyes. I had a packet of heart shaped candies from Valentine's that I used for the nose.

Then, it was ready for the kids to eat! This was a simple and cute snack for the kids to enjoy!



  1. This makes me smile. So adorable Buff!

  2. These came out so cute! We've chosen to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Come check out our post at Bringingbeauty.blogspot.com to find out more!



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