Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Food Tips You May Not Know!

1. Bananas- when you get home from the store, pull them apart. They go bad faster if they stay connected to the stem.

2. Block cheese- when you buy blocks of cheese, wrap them in aluminum foil. It stays fresh longer and NO MOLD!

3. Peppers- peppers that have 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter, when peppers with 4 bumps are better to cook with and are more firm.

4. Ground beef- add 1tsp of water to ground beef when frying it up. it helps keep the grease separate from the meat when you cook it.

5. Garlic- when cooking, for a light taste of garlic add it at the beginning stages of cooking and for a stronger taste add it to the recipe at the end

6. Chocolate Chips- adding your chocolate chips into the flour of your recipe prevents them from sinking to the bottom of your cake and keeps them separated

7. Frosting- when you buy frosting from the store, put it in your mixer and mix it for a few min. It will DOUBLE in amount and it will go further. **You will eat fewer calories and less sugar per serving!! Always a good thing!

8. Eggs- to make creamier and richer scrambled eggs, you can add a few spoon fulls of cream cheese, sour cream, or heavy cream as you beat them up!

9. Flour- by putting a bay leaf in your flour container or taping one to the top of an unopened bag of flour, you will NEVER have weevils!

10. Mushrooms- to keep them fresh and lasting longer, place them in a brown lunch bag when storing them in the fridge!


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