Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ruined Laundry

In February, the kids and I decorated Grandma and Grandpa's dinning table for a Valentine's Day Dinner. I used a new table cloth that Buff had bought since it was red. A few days later, I ran a load of laundry. I made sure to check the label on the table cloth since I had never washed it before. (we were living with them at the time thats why I was doing laundry there) I get very paranoid about washing new things cause I dont want to shrink or ruin it. I followed the washing instructions on the label and it still ruined the whole load of laundry :/ I was so mad, so I decided to send Better Homes and Garden an email to let them know they had ruined a very expensive load of my laundry. I had 3 pair of expensive jeans in there and a few other items. (for those of you that know me, know that I am very picky about my jeans!) Here are just a few of the pics that I took... 

I did receive a phone call and was able to talk to a women that was trying to help me out. After a few emails going back and forth, and a couple more phone calls I was able to negotiate a $300 reimbursement. I was happy with that figure and I am now waiting patiently for that check to arrive!

So, if you have something like this happen to you dont be afraid to contact them. They don't always know something is wrong with their product unless you tell them. It was kind of a pain to have this happen, but in the end I am happy with the outcome.


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  1. Good for you! I would have just complained and moaned at home and never thought to contact them. I'm proud of you for letting them know about the problem and am very impressed that they cared enough to contact you and resolve it. It means next time I'd be more likely to buy their products knowing that they stand behind them.



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