Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Raspberry Angel Dream Dessert

My boss brought this into work for us to try....
                                    Oh my goodness this huge dessert is divine & only 90 calories....

It looked really good, but it tasted sooo much better than it looked, and each portion was 1/5 of the sugar free Angel Food cake. She said for 2 weeks they ate it every night for dessert on their diet, and they lost weight. They never got sick of it because it was so filling and yummy. Finally after 2 weeks she felt like she was finally willing to share some with us, and we were so glad she did. Everyone of us ate the whole thing...
It is such a quick and easy dessert to make. Here's her recipe and thanks a bunch Peggy..

1 9oz Sugar Free Angel Food cake (in the WalMart bakery) ask if you can't find it, it may be in their freezer.
1 Lg. tub Lite Coolwhip
4 cups Fresh or frozen Raspberries
1 Tbsp.Splenda

Combine thawed raspberries and splenda and mix thoroughly. Spoon some raspberry mix on top of 1/5 of  the Angel Food cake and top with Coolwhip and enjoy. Just looking at the photos gives me warm fuzzies..


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