Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Shaped Bread

I wanted to do something fun and different for Valentine's other than just making cookies or cupcakes. Buff has these great bread tubes from The Pampered Chef

*You can not buy them on their website anymore, but you can get these ones on Amazon  (the reviews say they are just like the Pampered Chef ones!):

Norpro 3 Piece Canape Bread Mold Set

You just make any bread you want and put it into the tins and bake as normal! They are so fun and my kids love the different shapes!

My family LOVES Maori bread, its a traditional bread made in New Zealand, so we make it all the time. The only thing I did different was add some red food coloring for Valentine's! They turned out really cute!

The star shape would be fun to do for the Fourth of July in red, white and blue!

The flower shape would be great for Easter in cute pastel colors! 

* I used an empty, cleaned out can of corn to make the circle shape



  1. That is too cool, I think the kids would love it too.

  2. Care to share your Maori bread recipe? I have the heart-shaped pan but feared making a giant mess in my oven so I've never used it!

  3. I'd love that Maori bread recipe also if you care to shrae!

    1. thanks for stopping y and for your comment! we will be sharing our maori bread recipe tomorrow! hope you like it!




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