Thursday, October 4, 2012

Things We Love- Revised Astringent

Ok, awhile back I did a post about Biore astringent and I have used it for years. About a month ago I ran out and when I went to the store to get more they were out. I had a mental freak out cuz I have very sensitive and oily skin, so it is very hard for me to find products that dont irritate or cause break outs. I began searching for a temporary fill in astringent until Biore was back in stock. I had used some Neutrogena products in the past and they were fine so, I chose this one cause it had many of the same ingredients as my trusted Biore one. When I first tried it, it stung a little  and I was not sure that I liked it. As time went on and my store still had not gotten the Biore back in, I began to notice something good! When I would have a pimple show up, this astringent would help it go away a lot faster then when I didn't use it. Instead of having a pimple for like a week they were gone in 2-3 days! I am a new fan of this astringent and will not be going back to Biore! I still recommend Biore but I found that Neutrogena Rapid Clear has worked a little better for me! I love it when a good accident happens!


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