Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vtech Switch & Go Dinos

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I was VERY excited when I was asked to try these new Switch & Go Dinos from Vtech.  We have a lot of Vtech products and have been very pleased with them.  And a toy that transforms from a car to a dinosaur?  Yes, please!  I made the mistake of telling my son we'd be getting these and he waited anxiously Every. Single. Day for them to be delivered.

When I pulled the Switch & Go Dinos out of the box, my kids eyes got wide with excitement.  I could tell they were gonna love these!  We got two dinosaurs -- Silver the T-Rex and Horns the Triceratops.

SwitchAndGo Sliver

SwitchAndGo Horns

Landon, who is 5, and Cailyn, who is 8 took them out for a test spin.  I have to say they LOVED these!  They have been playing with them non-stop.  I LOVE how easily they switch from a car to a dinosaur.  (I can' tell you how much I hate it when I get toys that my kids can't even operate by themselves!)  While in car-mode the LED screen shows a race car driver; in dino-mode it shows a pair of eyes.  There are buttons & sounds that make the toys interactive.  Even my 2 year old twins love pushing the buttons and making the dinosaur "talk."

I also really love the way these look.  I think they are cute toys, both as a car and as a dinosaur.  They are available at Amazon for $15.99 each which I think is an exceptional value.  Beginning on June 18, the dinos will also be on sale at VTechKids.com for a suggested retail price of $15.99.  That's about the price range we use when shopping for friends birthday parties and I think these would make great gifts.  They are unique and fun and will keep kids busy for awhile! 

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Which one do you like best?  The T-Rex or the Triceratops?

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