Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Table Re-do



Ok, my sister in law bought this table a few years ago off of ksl and wanted to re-do it. Her house that they are in now is really dark, so she wanted to lighten the table to brighten up the space. She asked me to help her and it ended up being quite the process. I have redone furniture before, but this table gave us some trouble. There were so many layers of lacquer that the previous owner had put on there that the table was always sticky. 

So, our first step was to strip the table down. We used lacquer thinner and we thought this should have been easy, but there were seriously like 30 layers of lacquer on the table. We had to pull out metal spatulas and scrape the layers off instead of just being able to wipe them off. What a pain, but we got it done!

We rolled the table out to the 2nd garage and sanded it down. This got the remainder of lacquer off and made it smooth and ready for priming.

Once we got a couple of coats of primer on and dried, it was time for the fun part....painting! Like I said earlier we did this process in her second garage and we did this back in January, so it was cold. The good thing about that is that the cold made the paint crack on its own which was great since we planned to rough up the edges anyways.

We were very happy with the way that it turned out! The lacquer gave us some trouble, but in the end it was worth seeing the finished table!

I would love to know of the projects you are working on or have just finished up!




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