Thursday, December 29, 2011

Smoked Fish Crescent Rolls

Try these ideas for your next party....I needed a quick recipe, with several ways to use the few ingredients I had on hand, and yet make it look like I planned it that way. Easy & Elegant...just saying

Here's what I came up with using "Smoked Fish Dip"

1 - Filled Crescent Rolls

3 - Broiled stuffed Mushrooms

"Smoked Fish dip"

1 8oz  pkg Cream Cheese
1 Can Brunswick Golden Smoked Seafood Snacks

Heat cream cheese in microwave (approx. 30 sec.) till soft enough to blend the fish smoothly with a fork ,  then use dip in your favorite treat. Enjoy !
Brunswick in the Gold Can.

Place a teaspoon of dip on crescent roll dough and cook according to directions on the can of rolls.
 -Buff -

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