Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY - Leather Watches

I saw these cute watches here and figured I would try to make one myself!

What you need: 1 watch face
                          10 feet of craft leather

I found my leather at Michaels. They had a great selection of colors there. I only got the white and the pink for now. I used the watch face from my old beaded watch.

Take the Leather and fold it in half twice. Then thread it through the watch so that the face is on top of the leather.

Pull the leather behind the watch face down and
put your wrist through it. Pull the strings tight and then wrap each side around your wrist once and then tie it under your wrist.

This was an easy watch to make and I cant wait to try more colors!

TIP * The more you wear your watch, the more loose and relaxed it will become!


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