Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things We Love Thursdays- Blokus

Chris and I have played this game with family and friends before and really enjoyed it. My sister in law gave us the game this last Christmas and we played it for hours. Its a fun strategic game that can be played by all. Our family really enjoys this one a lot! 

What games do you play with friends and family?



  1. My husband and I received that game as a wedding gift. We initially thought that it was a strange gift, but we played that game one night and became hooked! It's our favorite!

  2. We go in cycles as to what game we're into. Chris and I play battleship on the iPad a lot because it's an easy 2 player game. We also like that monopoly card game, Deal for a 2 player thing. When we have our couples game night we usually play Settlers of Catan or Zombies. We like how the boards are different every time so the games never get old.

  3. Our whole family loves to get together and play apples to apples! We're all so crazy anyway and that game amplifies us haha. -Jessica



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