Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Card Holder Tutorial

I needed to make a couple gift card holders for gift giving this year.  These were seriously so easy to make and I think they came out very cute.  :)

  • 6.5"x4" cardstock
  • 2"x3.75" patterned paper
  • 1.25"x3.75" patterned paper
  • brads or eyelets
  • tape/glue
  • embellishments 
First you'll need to fold your cardstock 2.25" from one side and 1.5" from the other.  Give it a nice, good crease.

Then glue your patterned pieces on.

Next use some brads or eyelets to keep the smaller flap shut.  (You could also glue it down, but you'll want to make sure there is enough room to slide the gift card in.)

Now all that's left to do is embellish
it however you want.

Then just slip your gift card in and it's ready to go.  These are such a great way to dress up your gift cards!  And depending on what papers you use they can be used for any holiday or occasion

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