Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morning & After School Routines

In an effort to be more streamlined in the mornings, I created these "Morning Routine" charts for my kids.  I wanted to keep them short and simple so the kids could do them without any direction.  After breakfast I just have to tell them to go do their checklist and off they go.  So far it's worked wonderfully!  You can download a copy HERE

 Along those same lines, I got tired of having to tell my daughter every day to put up her backpack and other things after school.  So I printed up this After School Routine, laminated it, and hung it up right by her backpack hook.  Now she gets everything done without me having to nag her.  :)


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing! I've been meaning to make something like this! Now you just saved me the time! Now I get to 'steal' from you:)

  2. thanks, very helpful..



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